Jul 20 2018

All Hail .txt Files

Since ~3000 B.C. written records have existed – they keep the world organized and document history. In the modern age, this could simply be a .txt file.

The .txt file will never become obsolete (unless computers themselves become obsolete). Basic text encodings provide a fantastic longevity of data. Most text files use UTF-8 encoding, a non-proprietary format. The longevity of Google Keep, Apple notes, OneNote? I’m not so sure.

What about web apps? Sure, things can be optimized with create-react-app, but why not start with a true MVP – a .txt file. This has one of the best returns on investment.

Encryption? PGP. Search? Grep. Augmentation? Awk. Replace? Sed. There is probably a program for your needs.

Text files can be for everyone. Go one step at a time, and optimize when it makes sense to.